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What I Do

‘You are not a drop in an ocean. You are an ocean in a drop.’ Rumi

I’ve always found it difficult to explain what I do. Its difficult to put it all in one box. If I had to point to one thread that runs through all that I do, it is a profound feeling of anger for a world that has systems, rules and processes (sometimes deeply hidden) which do not put humanity first. And so I pledge my life to working to uncover and change those systems and to empower and support others to do the same in any sphere in which they desire to have impact.

Meet Me

Public Procurement

I help governments, public bodies and socially responsible organisations to leverage procurement spend to maximise human social and environmental impact

Since 2003 I have been researching and teaching in the field of public procurement law and the critical link between public procurement policy and development in the Caribbean. More recently my interests focus more on the global political economy of public procurement policy, its relationship to human rights and sustainable development and the design of procurement policies to facilitate, greater inclusion, stimulate innovation and for measurable SDG impact.

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From Caribbean Procurement to Procurement Innovation

Our Impact Entrepreneurship Story

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Law, Democracy & Rights

Transparency, Participation & Accountability

A just society is one in which all people have equal agency, are able to participate in decision-making and solution building and which holds public decision-makers accountable to the people. Learn more about an award-winning citizen platform I created to empower people to do that – and learn how you can leverage this platform to create change wherever you are in the world.

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Disclosure Today


Disclosure Today – Transparency on Demand is changing the governance paradigm by giving greater voice to citizens on the issues that matter. Disclosure Today was one of the 2014 Global Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Winners. To find out how you can partner with us to implement this award winning social governance platform to drive real citizen engagement and accountability in your country send an email to

Impact Entrepreneurship

21st Century Education for Social Impact

This is my heart. The easiest way to describe me is as a social impact entrepreneur. I create empathy-based, commercially sustainable initiatives for social change and I am passionate about helping others to connect to their passions and do the same. If you are frustrated about the way the world is currently, you know that our present way of living is unsustainable and you want to have greater impact on societal challenges contact me.

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Global Challenges Retreat

Re-Imagining Our World for greater Inclusion, Peace & Prosperity

Hosted by USolve School of Social Entrepreneurship twice per year in the beautiful World Heritage City of Bath, United Kingdom in August and at Oxford United Kingdom in December, join a bold group of thinkers and actors who dare to believe that they can become leaders in the critical people and planet shift

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Just being who you are is the most powerful political act of our time.

For a long time, I suppressed my artistic urges. I felt it would compromise my professional persona/image and my ability pursue my passions with credibility. In 2015 I made a courageous decision to not care about what others thought and I took part in an international singer/songwriter competition for a campaign song to raise awareness about the plight of political prisoners around the world. Quite surprisingly, I won and now serve as the Ambassador for the World Movement for Democracy. It has been the most fulfilling experience to find a way to align my creative talent with my social passion.

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Barricades of Hate

#SetThemFree Campaign Song