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Think of me as your Impact Catalyst.

My goal is to leave you and your team, your community or your institution changed forever and armed with the insights, tools and frameworks for sustainable change.

Next-Generation Legal Professionals

Learn the 5 Key Shifts to Build Authority, Gain More Freedom & Create More Impact.

21st Century Leadership: Why Empathy Matters
The Social Neuroscience of Empathy
Harnessing The Restorative Power of Anger for Social & Systems Change
The SDGs : A New Global Governance Standard
Why Buying Matters
Why Emotions Matter
The Future of Law
Law, Policy & Empathy
Embracing Diversity With Empathy
Unlocking the Power of Diversity for Creativity & Resilience
The Empathic Method for Social Change
The Creative Question of Your Life
Public Procurement Law & Practice
Circular Procurement
Sustainable Procurement
Ethical Supply Chain Management
New Public Contracting Models for Innovation & Inclusion
Procurement Ethics
Anti-Corruption Law & Practice
Transparency, Accountability & Fairness in Public Sector Governance
Governance for Diversity & Inclusion
Governance for Innovation
Law of Public Disclosure
Access to Information Law & Practice
Whistleblowing & the Law
SDG Impact Evaluation
Branding & Positioning for Leadership & Social Impact
Positioning Strategy for Lawyers
Career Transitioning for Impact
The Creative Question of Your Life
Emotional Resilience