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About Me

I am eternally curious and passionate about impact

Margaret has been described as a ‘21st Century Renaissance Woman’. Her passions for law, technology, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, social impact, music and spirituality underpin all of her work. A dynamic and sought-after speaker, Margaret ignites a room and stirs people up to pursue their own path to personal greatness and contribution, through what she terms ‘Authentic Entrepreneurship’.

A lawyer by the age of 22 Margaret has distinguished herself as one of the leading anti-corruption and public procurement law specialists in the Caribbean. Margaret is also an award winning social entrepreneur and song writer and is an Ambassador for the Movement for World Democracy working for the freedom of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience all over the world.

Margaret genuinely believes that the world that we have created is not an inevitable and immutable manifestation of who we are as human beings. It is as a result of the choices, policies and rules we (and/or those we have elected) have made to circumscribe the manner in which we interact with each other and the planet. The rules we have made are based for the most part on the pursuit and protection of Property and Profit over Purpose and People. We need a reset.

Margaret aims to inspire, support, engage and empower responsible leadership and entrepreneurship as the primary vehicle to create sustainable solutions to our 21st Century challenges.

” The deeper territory of leadership is collectively listening to what is wanting to emerge in the world, and then having the courage to do what is required ”

Joseph Jaworski

My Philosophy

Just being who you are is the most powerful political act of the 21st century. I BELIEVE :

That all living things are connected and the use of global resources for social good is the highest use of our resources.
That by pursuing the highest use of our global resources we discover the greatest potential for value creation, delivery and capture.
That through our choices everyday in our personal, professional or business activities we have the power to create either a positive or negative impact on the social, political, and economic conditions of present and future generations, and for the planet.
That in the 21st Century as we face the global challenges of climate control, poverty eradication and poor healthcare it is our obligation to contribute to the highest quality of life not only for our generation but for future generations as well.
That this can be achieved by the application of the universal humanitarian principles of trust, transparency, cooperation, complementarity, accountability, fairness, human rights and justice.

“He who can live carefree and sleep peacefully despite knowing that two-thirds of humanity are hungry or dying of starvation while a large proportion of the well-fed must take slimming cures to stay alive, should ask himself what sort of man he is, and whether, moreover, he is a man at all.”

Joseph Beuys

The Solution Is Us

Margaret loves meeting and is inspired by fellow game changers, innovators, philanthropists and entrepreneurs who recognize the need for a new kind of interaction in politics and business in the 21st Century. Those who believe in our individual and collective power to transform our world through responsible value driven governance and business models and that together we are stronger.

We are living in an unprecedented era where human beings have more power than ever before to inspire, coordinate and take massive action to solve global challenges.

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